Our Winemaker

 Having spent many years in the mining business, David Zimmerman’s dream was to own an estate winery. David is the winemaker at Seaside Pearl under the guidance of winemaker and consultant Mark Simpson. David keeps a close eye on the vine, oversees our entire operation and ensures that everything come together in a harmonious symphony. You’ll also find David educating consumers during winery and vineyard tours.

David is a firm believer that the start of every great wine begins in the vineyard and he is passionate about crafting wines that express a sense of place.

David’s philosophy to winemaking: Develop the best fruit flavours and retain these flavours during winemaking. His goal is to combine exceptional fruit with traditional winemaking to create wines that are a unique expression of this terroir. David is committed to crafting wines that are true to varietal character.

David’s approach ensures Seaside Pearl’s wines are equally expressive of the land and the vintage. The wines, made from both Fraser Valley and Okanagan grapes, are released under labels celebrating the rich history of the Fraser Valley. Case production remains small, which allows David to concentrate on all aspects of the winemaking process.

When not attending to winemaking duties, David manages our estate vineyards and ensures that the quality and quantity of the grapes sourced and produced meet our requirements and, most importantly, our customers.

David’s goal is to develop the skills needed to grow and nurture our own estate grapes into the best the Fraser Valley has to offer! He is a driving force behind the Fraser Valley becoming a Wine Centre of Excellence in BC.

David Zimmerman
David Zimmerman