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Swirl, Sip, Taste… our delicious, hand-crafted wines. Tour, Stroll, Explore, Shop…our breathtaking gardens and vineyards, picturesque winery and Chapel Tasting Room.

We welcome you to visit our gorgeous farmgate winery!

We’re delighted to invite visitors to drop by our charming farmgate winery for a tasting and tour to take in the sights and flavours of Fraser Valley Wine Country. Open all year, Seaside Pearl is a home of fine wine, with a gorgeous chapel tasting room and touring facility- we are a wine country destination. It’s the ideal place to delicious small lot wines and tour our beautiful estate grounds.

Take a quaint drive on north Mount Lehman road through historical Mount Lehman village. Spend your Sunday afternoon driving, biking, or walking through Mount Lehman and pass by gorgeous vineyards.  Take in the tremendous views and the fresh crisp country air and chat with our friendly neighbours. Stop by farmers markets and roadside stands to buy fresh local fruit.

Our Tasting Room is Open By Appointment for Groups and Tours 6 people or more. (Drop in’s are welcome for smaller groups).

For Tasting Room Bookings, we invite visitors to email or send a text to 778-548-0113 ahead of time to ensure a fabulous Seaside Pearl Winery experience.
This more personalized format improves our ability to deliver an outstanding wine tasting experience.
Cost: $12 per person (waived with purchase of wine)
Tastings are accompanied by a selection of artisan cheeses and fruit.

During the Spring Summer and Autumn, our patio is open for wine by the glass. You are welcome to bring your own picnic.

Please bring the entire family. We welcome guests to bring a picnic and enjoy our “Wine by the Glass” on our patio. There’s plenty on our grounds that cater to families including a barn, horses, and bountiful fruit and vegetable gardens.

At Seaside Pearl, we’ve created a unique gathering place for friends and family to create new experiences and learn more.  Take a journey through our vineyards and around our picturesque winery as we showcase our unique winemaking processes. Enjoy the beautiful views of the vineyard and valley from our tranquil patio. Come as you are and enjoy the company of other fellow wine lovers

Groups of 6 or more

To ensure the best possible guest experience, we require advance booking for your group of six or more.

Please note a credit card will be required to secure your group’s appointment.

Cost: $12 per person. The fee is waived with the purchase of two bottles of wine or more.

To book your group appointment please either:
Send a Text: 778-548-0113
Send an Email to:

At Seaside Pearl, we are excited to share our love and passion for the land.

The winery team looks forward to welcoming wine lovers!

With our rich variety of wine experiences to choose from year-round, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pairing.

We have compiled a list of suggested tasting room etiquette to help our valued guests get the most out of their visit. Bring your passion for fine wine. We do the rest.

  • Please no perfume. Sadly, many others in the room may be allergic or have a sensitive olfactory system, which will interfere with their tasting experience and has the potential to hinder yours as well. Remember, wine tasting is a journey of the senses- sight, smell, and taste.
  • Hydrate and stay nourished. Please drink plenty of water before, during and after your tasting experience. Some wines contain higher levels of alcohol, which may contribute to accelerated dehydration. Additionally, you will want to cleanse your palate between samples. Also, food will go a long way in your winery stamina so please eat breakfast or lunch.
  • Please call ahead for large groups. To better accommodate a group’s needs, we ask for groups of 6 or larger to call ahead so that we can arrange for enough staff on the day of your visit. We feel each and every guest deserves the same amount of attention so please give us ample warning to better serve you. If you do not have a reservation, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your group.
  • If you are traveling by a limo, please call us ahead of time and let us know.
  • If the tasting room is crowded, please be aware of the other guests so that everyone has an experience tasting at the bar.
  • Please toss any unwanted wine in your glass into the dump bucket.
  • There is a a fee to taste the wine. Please note we will apply this fee to a purchase. If you enjoy a wine, you are encouraged to purchase a bottle. We are always thrilled when our guests purchase our wine!
  • If you choose to picnic at the winery and please you may purchase some wine to enjoy on our patio.
  • Remember, wine is approachable. We love sharing Seaside Pearl’s wines with you to enjoy and savour. Questions are encouraged.


At Seaside Pearl, we make ever effort to make your tasting experience unforgettable.

Mount Lehman

Our beautiful small rural community Mount Lehman is situated on an area of higher land that offers incredible views of Mt. Baker and mountains alike. In 1864, Royal Engineer, Alben Hawkins, surveyed the area of land that is now known as Mount Lehman. He was the first white settler in this peaceful country setting.

Mount Lehman’s name originates from cousins Samuel & Isaac Lehman who were early settlers in the area in 1875. Smitten by the beauty and grandeur of this part of the world, Sam and Isaac built a wharf for riverboats now know as Lehman’s Landing. The landing became an important riverboat stop east of Fort Langley.


Today, Mount Lehman is a productive, successful vibrant farming community that takes us back to a simpler, quieter time of reflection. Mount Lehman’s laid back pace reflects its tranquil setting. The gorgeous countryside is filled with experiences to fill your senses and connect you with our friendly people and their agricultural roots.

Many people spend their Sunday afternoons driving, biking, or walking through our community to take in the tremendous views, the fresh crisp country air, and even to pull over to talk with the friendly neighbours. They also stop by to shop for fresh and local food at the many farm-gates and at The Abbotsford Farm and Country Market. Mount Lehman farmers take great pride in producing the best, freshest, and healthiest crops and meats possible. Country markets feature quality poultry, local produce, organic goat milk, yogurt and various artisan cheeses, seasonal berries, flavoured honey, gourmet ice cream, and hand crafted soaps.

It’s rewarding to visit the farms and taste the sun-kissed fruits of the farmers’ labour.