Seaside Pearl’s new Daffodils To Go Sparkling wine featured in Canada’s 100 Best magazine review!

The new canned wine category is really fun!

Seaside Pearl’s Daffodils Sparkling To Go cans are ready-to-drink as soon as they are purchased.

Covid-19 has prompted consumers to increasingly shift to on-the-go drink offerings. With COVID-19 changing the way in which we share wine with others, the single can servings are just perfect for socially-distanced gatherings.

“Pandemic park drinkers can finally enjoy some quality canned juice while toeing the line of the law this summer.”

Seaside Pearl’s Daffodils sparkling wine is made from 100% estate grown aromatic white wine grapes lovingly drenched by the Fraser Valley sun.

We were very excited that Seaside Pearl’s Daffodils To Go was featured in Canada’s 100 Best magazine “Best Canned Wines for another COVID Summer” review:


So, sit back, relax, and try our new Daffodils to Go Sparkling wine in a can! Truly delicious, with a refreshingly long dry finish, this sparkling wine will tickle your taste buds!

Daffodils To Go Sparkling wine is a wonderful option for anyone looking to enjoy a lovely sparkling wine made with delightful fresh fruit flavours and exhibiting high, balanced natural acidity.

This standout bubbly with ripe fruit flavours will please even the most sophisticated wine palette!