On May 18, Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery showcased a selection of our wines at the Canada UK Wine Tasting at Canada House in London. More than 40 Canadian wineries from Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia had the opportunity to meet with UK sommeliers, buyers, distributors and media. This was the largest turnout of Canadian wineries in London.

We had the best time showcasing Seaside Pearl’s wines at the Canada 🇨🇦 UK 🇬🇧 Wine Tasting.

So cool to have the chance to meet so many top wine critics, trade and media in such an incredible setting!

The UK is a critical wine marketplace. It’s one of the best marketplaces for super premium products. They are big consumers of wine in the U.K.

Also, some of the top sommeliers and wine writers, etc. are based in the U.K. It’s an important market, not only for sales, but a great place for Canadian wineries to build recognition.

The UK is home to a number of key wine media including Jancis Robinson, Oz Clarke, Steven Spurrier, Dr. Jamie Goode and Tim Atkin.

We were thrilled to have Seaside Pearl’s wines tasted by some of these key influencers.

Seaside Pearl’s Lover’s Lane Cabernet Franc enjoyed a day being featured at a Cabernet Franc special table right in the front hall under incredible artwork.

Can’t wait to read the review by Stephen Spurrier!

All we know is there was not one drop of Cab Franc left! Lover’s Lane was a big hit! We are over the 🌙!!

The Canada UK Tasting was a great opportunity to increases awareness and understanding of Canadian wines. The Canada UK Tasting was a fantastic opportunity to introduce Seaside Pearl’s wines to the local market as well as for gaining global media exposure. We are so excited that everyone we met loved our brand story and our labels. So exciting that Canada’s wines are gaining ever-greater kudos in recent years on the world wide stage!

Many attendees at the Canada UK tasting were intrigued about why artisanal Canadian winemakers like Seaside Pearl have started focusing on individual varietals, and quality over quantity. The UK market loves vibrancy and acidity

With an eye to making small lot, quality wines, Seaside Pearl received very favourable reviews about our wines, our brand story and our labels. Everyone who tasted Seaside Pearl’s wines were intrigued with our hybrid varieties like Charlotte Petit Milo. As the Brits are huge lovers of sparkling wine, they also loved Seaside Pearl’s Daffodils Sparkling.

At Seaside Pearl, we are super excited we are doing something special right here in British Columbia and making very good wines that can compete on an international level.

Well-known wine critic Jancis Robinson attended the Canada UK Wine tasting last week and focused her efforts on reviewing the BC wines. Robinson has been the Financial Times wine correspondent since 1989. She is also an adviser to the royal wine cellar, appointed by Queen Elizabeth. We really look forward to reading Jancis’ review.